Top 3 Torrent Apps for Android

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Using torrents is very risky. The apps are known to contain malware which can steal your personal information and harm your devices. Yet, people find them very convenient and easy to download and stream films, music, PDF files, etc. Aside from laptops and PCs, some smartphones support torrent clients, too. For instance, Android users can get specially developed apps and enjoy torrenting from the comfort of their smartphones. Let’s find out more about the peculiarities of these apps as well as the most popular options Android users can get.

The advantages of torrent apps for Android

First of all, the apps have such an interesting feature like bandwidth control. It means that the files will be uploaded only via Wi-Fi. This is a very useful feature if you have a limited data plan. Moreover, Wi-Fi speed is often faster than if the mobile Internet. The apps also let you define the limit of usage to prevent any glitches, lags, etc. Android users very often use apps like:

• Flud,

• µTorrent,

• BitTorrent.

Let’s discuss each app separately to see how they differ and which one will be better for your needs.

The peculiarities of Flud

The app can download all kinds of files directly to your device. It’s especially convenient to get large files to your smartphone or tablet. Using the app, you can:

1. Create lists

2. Pause and resume downloads any time.

3. Have speedy downloads with almost no speed limits.

4. Specify which folder to download the file in.

This all works great with proxies and encryption meaning the software won’t crash when you use another program. Flud is very convenient and configurable. It allows you to optimize the interface and change color schemes. It’s probably the fastest torrent client for Android. Besides, it’s the only torrent app on this list which is completely free.

Top 5 facts about µTorrent

It’s probably the most well-known app among torrent users. It has been around for ages building its reputation of a reliable torrent client. µTorrent stands out by offering:

1. Buttons at the top which can start, stop, pause, record, add or drop the link.

2. To see who is downloading your link.

3. Lack of speed limit just like in the desktop version.

4. The possibility to share files you created with the whole world.

5. The chance to download anything you want.

Unlike Flud, this app has a more complex interface. You can’t change the signature color scheme but it’s quite easy to get used to this app, too. You can get a free option or upgrade.

A general overview of BitTorrent

This is one of the best and famous torrent clients for Android. Using BitTorrent, you can easily download, discover, and share files of any size with anybody. The app itself has now 3 versions. You can pick from BitTorrent Free, BitTorrent Remote and BitTorrent Pro. The Pro version is the best since it delivers the best features. They include:

• The lack of ads and banners,

• The battery saver tool which pauses the downloading process as soon as the battery reaches a certain point.

• Save Battery + Data tool which has an auto-turn off feature.

• The choice of the mode including Wi-Fi Only Mode.

• The built-in music and video libraries.

You may download torrents and magnetic links with a few clicks. It’s very simple and convenient regardless of whether you use a smartphone or a tablet on Android. The app uses the built-in libraries to help you access the needed files faster and more conveniently.