How to Update Apps on Android?

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Your smartphone will work fine only if you use updated apps. There are 3 major ways you can do it via Play Market. Let’s find out a step-by-step instruction to every method as well as some other useful tips to help you optimize the updates.

The most common and simple method

Most average users, who don’t understand a lot about apps and the ways they work, have automatic settings. In this case, all Android apps update automatically. In case you have different settings and you wish to switch to this method, you need to:

1. Open Play Market,

2. Go to the Menu and pick Settings,

3. Press on Auto-update apps,

4. Pick the most convenient way to keep your apps updated.

In this case, you’ll have to decide whether you would like to update over any network or Wi-Fi only. The choice is all yours here. Don’t get confused if you see Google Play Store instead of Play Market. It’s the same thing which can be called both ways depending on your device.

A convenient method you can try as well

If you don’t want all the apps to update automatically, you may pick another option. Pick which apps you use the most and set up the automatic updates for them only. In this case scenario, you’ll have to:

1. Open Play Store,

2. Press on the Menu and choose My Apps & Games,

3. Pick the app you’ll like to keep updating automatically,

4. Tap on the More icon.

5. Choose the section called Enable Auto Update.

As soon as the new version of your favorite app comes out, it’ll be automatically installed on your smartphone or tablet.

How to Update an App Manually?

In case your device lacks space and you are tired of the constant updates, you may change the settings and pick the option when you’ll be the only one who updates the app. It will allow you to decide when and which app you’d like to update. If you wish to update an app manually, you’ll need to:

1. Visit Play Market,

2. Go to the Menu and pick My Apps & Games,

3. In the section of Update, you’ll see all the apps that have new versions you can use. You can look for a certain app and check the updates, too.

4. Just press on Update in front of the app you need.

Using the 3rd method, you can also update all the apps manually. At the top of the list with possible updates, you’ll see the icon Update All. Just press on it and all the apps which have updates versions will start downloading. Mind that they update one by one.

Tips on how to keep your apps up-to-date

While the process seems very easy, there may be some issues preventing you from updating the app. That’s why you should look through some tips on how to avoid all sorts of errors.

In most cases, it’s better to connect to Wi-Fi before you start the updates. This is likely to be faster than using a mobile network.

You should keep in mind that if your device has a sign-in error, the apps won’t update. Fix the issue by logging into your account and the updates will start based on your settings.

Besides, some apps might need new permissions. If the new features are added, and they need to access your photos, contacts, camera, etc., you’ll need to agree and let the app access those places.

Finally, some apps may need you to restart your smartphone or tablet so that the new version completed the installation process.