Data Room Software – an Effective Combination of Easy to Use User Interface and Secure Servers

The right to information privacy is the right of an individual to control all information processes associated with the collection and use of personal data, which can be done by data room software.

Virtual Data Room Software and Its Main Goals

The purpose of any data room software is to process data about objects in the real world. The basis of the information system is the database. In the broad sense of the word, a database is a collection of information about specific objects of the real world in any subject area. The definition of an individual’s privacy in terms of the right to control the use of information about oneself is one of the main trends in political and legal discussions about the protection of personal data.

A subject area of data room software is usually understood as a part of the real world to be studied for organizing management and, ultimately, automation, for example, an enterprise, university, etc. By creating a database, the user seeks to organize information according to various characteristics and quickly make a selection with an arbitrary combination of characteristics. At the same time, the structuring of the data is of great importance.

This goal is achieved by ensuring and constantly maintaining the following properties of data room software:

  • accessibility of personal data for legal users (stable functioning of the Organization’s information systems, in which users have the opportunity to obtain the necessary personal data and the results of solving problems in a time acceptable to them);
  • integrity and authenticity (confirmation of authorship) of personal data stored and processed in the information systems of the organization and transmitted through communication channels;

Effective Combination of Easy to Use Virtual Secure Services

The listed combinations of virtual secure services are interested in ensuring:

  • timely access to the personal data they need (their availability);
  • reliability (completeness, accuracy, adequacy, integrity) of personal data;
  • confidentiality (keeping secret) of personal data;
  • protection from imposing false (unreliable, distorted) personal data on them;
  • differentiation of responsibility for violations of their rights (interests) and the established rules for handling personal data;
  • the ability to carry out continuous monitoring and management of the processing and transfer of personal data;
  • protection of personal data from illegal distribution.

To protect personal data with data room software, it is necessary to apply information protection means that have passed the conformity assessment procedure in any of the forms provided for by the legislation on technical regulation. Only to ensure the security of personal data processed in state information systems, information security tools are used that have passed the conformity assessment in the form of mandatory certification. This means that for information systems of personal data that do not have a state status, mandatory certification of security measures for security requirements is optional. According to the legislation on technical regulation, there are many forms of conformity assessment, including commissioning, testing, declaration of conformity, state control and supervision, voluntary certification, etc.

To choose the effective combination of easy to use user interface and secure services, you must complete the following tasks:

– give the concept of personal data and determine the guarantees of their protection;

– consider the historical aspect of personal data protection;

– analyze the legal framework for the protection of personal data;

– to study the peculiarities of receiving, transferring, and protecting personal data of employees of organizations, minors;

– submit data on responsibility for violation of legislation in the field of personal data protection.