Choosing Best Password Manager

In the article, we will describe how Password Managers work and how to pick up the best one

Why Use Password Manager?

Surfing the Net can be a nice pastime or a part of vital work. In any event, constant filling in logins and passwords indeed annoys. How to manage them? To write down somewhere? To memorize? Or, to let your browser save and auto-fill these piles of info? It is attested, the first two options are bad solutions anyway. As to the browser option, this might facilitate a bit your virtual experience. However, the question is how safe this option is.

Alternatively to browsers, a Password Manager serves as means to forget about password problems once for all. It won’t ask you to invent anything. This program will generate a crack-safe password for each site or app you use. Together with remembering it, Password Managers perform many other functions that can save your time and make the entire online experience much more agreeable.

Common functions of Password Managers:

●     Conservation and AutoFill of logins and passwords

●     Generation of indeed strong passwords for logging in

●     Synchronize the passwords in your browsers and on all your gadgets

●     AutoFill of other data on the Net

●     Sharing of your passwords among family members and friends

The features that contribute to the exclusive security of Password Managers are as follows:

●     The use of the Two-Factor Authentication, or 2FA to ensure secure password saving and sharing

●     The use of 256-bit AES encryption to protect your data

●     The so-called Zero-Knowledge Identification when not a person gets access to your password in an unencrypted form

●     Tools to test the passwords for crackability to make them more secure

●     Dark Web Monitoring to inform you if a piece of your personal data is sold on some of the dark web sites

All of this may sound a bit complicated but these programs are easy-to-manage and you won’t have any difficulty with them. Therefore, two main reasons to employ a Password Manager are time-saving and security issues. As to the latter, it needs no explanation how important is to have a strong password to your accounts, e-wallets, and social networks. If you are an active Net user, you definitely need a Password Manager for your Reddit, Ebay, PayPal, or whatever.

Top Password Managers

The best Password Managers can offer you even more. Their common properties are advanced security technologies and ease of use. However, each of them has something special to offer, be it Biometric logins or Antivirus included.

The editors’ choice of the Top 10 Password Managers:

1.    RoboForm

2.    StickyPassword

3.    Dashlane

4.    NordPass

5.    Panda

6.    Keeper

7.    Norton

8.    1Password

9.    Kaspersky

10.  LogMeOnce

All these apps can be your tower of strength regarding any online activity so you can entrust your web experience to them with an easy mind.