Best ID Theft Protection Services for Personal Data

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Your personal information is the most precious thing no matter how you treat it. However, one truly realizes it only after the identity is stolen. What does it mean? It means that cybercriminals used one’s data for the credit application, medical bills, and other kinds of fraud. That’s why it’s important to pick the best ID theft protection services and prevent such issues. Here we’ll take a quick look at the top picks. They are IDShield, Identity Force, and Identity Guard.

The best solutions on the market

Nowadays, lots of companies offer identity protection. This can be a separate service or a part of another solution. For instance, some advanced and complex antivirus programs have identity protection tools as a part of the bundle. In case a person needs a separate solution, it makes sense learning more about services like Identity Guard, LifeLock, Identity Fraud, IDShield, ID Watchdog, etc. They all monitor activities on the Internet to spot suspicious ones using one’s personal information. Let’s discuss what they offer.


The company delivers three main services. Firstly, the software scans the Internet for the use of the user’s credit cards and personal information. Secondly, it alerts about the potential harm to the user’s information. Thirdly, it helps users to fix things and recover. The latter includes situations like the lost money and includes consulting related to the incident.

A user gets various notifications regardless of the plan he picks. They concern the personal information used in the credit application and seen on the dark web. What’s more, it sends alerts if any suspicious activities are detected when scanning social media and sex offender registry. Four main payment plans start at $156 per year.

This service stands out delivering such advantages as:

  • Up to $1-2 million for recovery;
  • 13 variations of alerts;
  • The most affordable family plans.

Identity Force

The program monitors much more than just credit information. To deliver the all-round protection, Identity Force looks up for the changes in the public information records, addresses, etc. What’s more, it monitors the court and arrests files, credit applications, and identity information on a selection of sites.

Identity Force monitors sex offender registries and whether one’s name has any association with them.

Users get a dedicated mobile app, Mobile Attack Control. The app is dedicated to monitoring your phone for spyware and unsecured Wi-Fi locations. In case there are any issues caught by Identity Force, the application will also duplicate an alert for immediate attention. Several payment plans start from $150 per year.

The top peculiarities of Identity Force:

  • 24/7 monitoring and alerts;
  • A dedicated app to protect the user’s smartphone;
  • Family plans.

Identity Guard

The services stand out from the rest on this list by using IBM’s Watson. This system builds a corpus of knowledge and keeps adding information from various sources. The service is sure to be helpful with identity management since it monitors users’ personal information (even on social media networks). Identity Guard protects DOB and social security number, credit information, and other sensitive data.

Users pick from several payment plans that start from $80 per year. In case you need credit monitoring, too, the price starts at $160 per year.

Identity Guard stands out offering:

  • Family plans;
  • IMB intelligent monitoring;
  • Affordable price for basic ID protection.


All in all, the services discussed above help their users protect identities, prevent unpleasant situations or recover from them.