AVG Antivirus Pro APK: Unique Features and Average Performance

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Since Avast bought AVG in 2016, the interfaces of all software started to resemble each other. The functions of the antivirus programs seem similar as well. They both use the same methods of protection and infrastructure. Yet, AVG Antivirus Pro stands out as a solid program to keep your PC and smartphones safe. Let’s find out more about AVG Antivirus, the results of independent testing, advantages, and things which can be improved

The general overview

It’s probably the lightest software on the market. The installation file is about 8Mb which unpacks within a couple of minutes. During the installation process, a user can adjust the settings. It’s very convenient because you can also pick which modules you’d like to install. You’ll find it especially great if you don’t need all 5 modules.

The interface of the antivirus is very simple and can be navigated intuitively. Even a beginner will quickly learn how to use it. The main screen shows you the Scan button and the main modules which include:

• Computer,

• Web & Email,

• Hacker attacks,

• Privacy,

• Payments.

AVG Antivirus Pro stands out by having tons of extra tools and features. Most of them come in the paid version. However, free software also has some tools like ransomware protection, malware protection, download monitor, email safety, etc. Both versions also deliver AVG’s Secure Browser. It’s a very useful tool which looks a lot like Google Chrome.

The paid version also has features like a password manager, ad blocker, privacy cleaner, etc. You’ll get webcam protection, a firewall, file encryption, and more configurable features.

The customer support is a bit unusual. There is a knowledge base with multiple articles and answers to the most asked question. Many users complain it’s confusing but there is a lot of useful information. Besides, you can access the support team via phone and live chat. If you wish to have a premium tech support, you’ll have to pay about $200 annually. You’ll get a separate phone number that works 24/7. The specialists will truly provide you with premium services and remotely remove the viruses from your PC or solve any other issues.

The advantages of AVG Antivirus Pro

This software has lots of features to keep your PC safe and you calm. They include:

1. Simple interface;

2. User-friendly navigation;

3. A variety of powerful features;

4. It’s very affordable;

5. Covers an unlimited number of devices;

6. A great support system.

The disadvantages you are sure to notice

While everything seems great about the antivirus, this software needs improvement. Even this enormous variety of extra tools and features can’t make you ignore the fact that AVG Antivirus Pro doesn’t provide 100% protection. The tests have shown the software detects 95% of all threats leaving you vulnerable to the rest. Compared to some top choices on the market, this is a very big number.

The verdict

AVG Antivirus Pro is a decent and affordable choice. It’s great for average users since the configurations are easy to control and adjust. Even a beginner will quickly understand how to use the software. Tons of extra features make it very convenient since lots of tools come in bulk.

Thousands of people use the free version and find it enough for everyday activities. The numerous advantages deliver good protection. Moreover, it’s very simple to install and remove it from any device which runs on Windows, Mac OS, and Android. Try it yourself to see if this is a suitable option for your needs.