Apps on iPhone: How Much Personal Data They Collect

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All iPhone users control their apps from the App Store. It’s an easy tool which is packed with trending apps, games, and tools. The main section you see when you open the App Store is Today. It covers all the most valuable and likely suitable novelties:

• You may come across interesting articles and life hacks you can do using certain apps,

• See the app and the game of the day,

• Get the daily list with other trending apps.

You may navigate to other sections of the app from the bottom of the screen. There you’ll see Games, Apps, Updates, and Search. Exploring the sections, you are sure to come across the newest and most popular apps which might change the way you think, see the world or use your device.

Using the section of Updates, you can update an app or all of them. It’s very easy to navigate the app and even beginners can easily figure it out.

Which personal information does this app collect?

While it’s simple and useful, the most important question is how much the app knows about you. The Apple Privacy Policy was updated on 05/09/2019. Let’s go over the main types of information you share with your smartphone without even noticing.

1. You may share your name, email, IP address, location data, credit card information, information from social media profiles, etc. In most case, this happens when you buy an app, install it (this concerns free apps, too), sign in the account, create Apple ID, etc.

2. If you use it to register for a class at an Apple Retail Store, you might also share your home address and date birth in addition to the data mentioned above.

3. Apple also might ask you to show a government-issued ID. However, these circumstances are limited. For example, when you set up a wireless account or activate your device. It also concerns some other situations required by law.

4. The company can collect non-personal information like your language, zip code, time zone, activities on Apple-designed apps like iTunes, Apple TV, etc.

Mind that this is the information collected by App Store only. Whenever you get an app, you share some information with it as well. Apple is not responsible for how those developers use this date.

Thinking about why your smartphone collects this information is unnecessary. The Apple Privacy Policy explains that in full as well. You’ll be pleased to know that the information is not shared but used to:

1. Keep you updated about Apple’s latest products, apps, software updates, events, etc. In most cases, iPhone users are automatically subscribed to the company’s mailing list. If you don’t want to receive the news, simply update your preferences. There is a special category in your Apple ID.

2. Another reason why the company gathers information is to help create the services, apps, and updates you need. It’s used for the content and ad curation, anti-fraud purposes, etc.

3. Such data as date birth can be collected to verify you are old enough to get certain apps.

How safe is it to use the App Store?

App Store is very safe to use since the company does everything possible to make iPhones the safest devices. The company itself takes the security of your personal information as one of the priorities. App Store uses TLS encryption to keep the information safe during transit. When the data from App Store reaches computer systems at Apple, it’s stored in the limited access facilities with physical security measures.